Custom Scissor Lift Trolley

Custom Scissor Lift Trolley: Solving Problems at Height At Materials Handling Solutions, we understand that even the most essential tasks can become challenges when dealing with unique working environments. This was certainly the case for one of our valued mining clients. Their annual maintenance of power substations required the removal of heavy cooling fans situated […]

Crane Inspection

Don’t Let Your Jib Crane Take a Dive: Why Regular Inspections Are Crucial: Jib cranes are the workhorses of many industries, tirelessly lifting and shifting loads large and small. But like any hardworking machine, they require regular maintenance and inspections to ensure their continued safe and efficient operation. Skipping scheduled inspections might seem like a […]

Walkie Stacker Types

Navigating the Warehouse Maze: 5 Walkie Stackers for Every Challenge Walkie stackers are the unsung heroes of the warehouse, silently tackling tonnes of cargo and maximising storage space. But with so many types available, choosing the right one can feel like navigating a pallet maze. Fear not, this guide will showcase 5 walkie stacker varieties, […]

How A Vacuum Lifter Works (1)

So how does a vacuum lifter work? Well, there are a few different types of vacuum lifters and this is an explanation of how a vacuum tube lifter works. A vacuum tube lifter is a material handling device that uses vacuum suction to lift and move objects. It consists of a vacuum pump, a hose, […]

Gantry Crane – Spotlight

A gantry crane is an elevated structure supported by standalone legs that can be moved on wheels. It is commonly used in industrial settings to safely lift heavy objects. Here are the key features of the REID PORTAGANTRY® It’s fully compliant with OSHA regulations helping to ensure a safe working environment. It meets the ANSI […]

Bin Lifter

  Streamline Waste Disposal with Bin Lifter: Tailored Solutions for Every Operation. Efficient waste disposal is a priority for any site, and a bin lifter provides an innovative and effective solution. Whether you need to tip small wheelie bins or lift large crane bins using an overhead crane or forklift, we offer a diverse range […]

Vacuum Lifters: Enhancing Efficiency & Safety

In various industries, the use of vacuum lifters has revolutionised the way heavy objects are handled and transported. These versatile machines provide a reliable and efficient solution for lifting a wide range of products, from wooden boards to conveyor rollers and even large bearings. With their ability to securely grip objects without the need for […]

Workshop Vacuum

  Investing in a workshop vacuum cleaner is a crucial step in the ongoing endeavour to minimise workplace injuries. To effectively address the challenges of cleaning large spaces and hazardous locations, a unique piece of equipment has emerged — a standard 205L steel drum converted into a powerful vacuum cleaner. This innovative solution not only […]

Lean Manufacturing & Vacuum Lifting Equipment

Lean Manufacturing is a philosophy that aims to eliminate waste and improve production efficiency while maintaining quality standards. The concept is rooted in the Toyota Production System, which was developed by Toyota in the 1940s to improve manufacturing processes. Over the years, lean manufacturing has become a popular approach used by many organisations worldwide to […]

Hand Stacker In THe Workplace

Hand stacker lifters are an essential tool in manufacturing facilities and warehouses that require the safe and efficient movement of heavy goods. They provide numerous advantages over manual handling, including increased productivity, reduced physical strain on workers, and improved safety. One of the primary advantages of hand stackers is that they enable workers to move […]

Injury Management / Prevention

Injury management using wearable technology is changing workers’ future outcomes regarding long onset injuries by utilising cutting-edge technology to detect and prevent them early on. They specialise in creating wearable devices that monitor and track the movements and activities of workers in high-risk industries, such as construction and manufacturing. One of the providers, for example, […]

Vacuum Lifter for Bags

Risk Assessment: Moving Sacks by Hand vs. Using a Vacuum Lifter Introduction: The purpose of this risk assessment is to compare the risks associated with moving sacks by hand versus using a vacuum lifter. The assessment will take into account the potential for musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) as well as other potential hazards. Method: This risk […]