Transforming Demolition and Construction: The Power of Vacuworx Vacuum Lifters

Schmalz Jumbo Flex vacuum lifter

The demolition and construction industries are notorious for the heavy workloads and demanding schedules they entail. Traditional lifting methods, often involving cranes and slings, can be cumbersome, inefficient, and pose significant safety risks. This is where Vacuworx vacuum lifters emerge, offering a safer, faster, and more controlled approach to material handling.

Vacuworx: A Powerful Ally on the Jobsite

Vacuworx vacuum lifters utilize a powerful vacuum pump to create a pressure differential between the lifter’s pad and the material’s surface. This negative pressure generates a strong suction force, allowing the lifter to securely grip and lift various shapes and sizes of materials without slings or hooks. The key advantage lies in the lifter’s ability to conform to the material’s surface, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

Revolutionizing Workflows: Benefits of Vacuworx Lifters

Incorporating Vacuworx lifters into demolition and construction workflows offers numerous advantages:

  • Enhanced Safety: Traditional lifting methods can be dangerous, requiring workers to maneuver around heavy loads. Vacuworx lifters eliminate the need for slings and manual handling, minimizing the risk of back injuries, muscle strains, and crushed toes. The remote-controlled operation of most models allows workers to maintain a safe distance from the load, further reducing potential hazards.
  • Improved Efficiency: Vacuworx lifters are incredibly swift, enabling workers to lift and place materials quickly. This translates to faster project completion times and increased productivity. The ability to handle a wider range of materials without complicated rigging configurations further streamlines the process.
  • Reduced Material Damage: Slings and hooks can often damage delicate materials during lifting. Vacuworx lifters provide a gentle, non-marring grip, minimizing the risk of scratches, cracks, or other forms of damage. This is crucial for handling expensive materials like prefabricated panels, glass windows, or polished stone.

Versatility in Applications:

Vacuworx offers a diverse range of lifters, each tailored for specific lifting tasks:

PS Series

Compact and portable, these battery-powered lifters (up to 709kg capacity) are ideal for tight spaces or frequent relocation tasks. Perfect for grabbing individual materials like pavers, curbside elements, or precast concrete sections.

PHD Series

This is another battery powered lifter with a lifting capacity from 287kg to 2000kg). It’s a powerhouse for handling heavy and bulky materials. The PHD series can be excavator, skid steer, or dingo mounted, making it ideal for demolition projects involving concrete slabs, steel beams etc. The remote control operation allows for safe lifting in confined spaces.

CM Series

Designed to enhance the capabilities of your skid steer loader, the CM series (up to 3.0T capacity) utilizes the machine’s auxiliary hydraulic controls for powering the lifter. Lifting heavy objects like concrete slabs, steel sheets, and other materials with a flat surface. This eliminates the need for slings and streamlines lifting operations for large-scale construction projects.

MC & RC Series:

For exceptionally heavy and unwieldy loads (lifting capacities from 3.0T to 20.0T), these machines offer a robust solution. They can be operated by either a self-contained system or by hooking up to the excavator or telehandler’s hydraulic system. The remote control feature ensures operator safety and minimizes damage to the lifted material.

Choosing the Right Vacuworx Lifter: Tailoring Technology to Needs

Selecting the appropriate Vacuworx lifter requires careful consideration of several factors:

  • Lifting Capacity: The lifter’s capacity should comfortably exceed the weight of the heaviest materials you intend to handle.
  • Material Type: Different lifting pads are available for various material types (smooth, textured, curved) and weights. Ensure you choose the right pad for optimal suction and lifting efficiency.
  • Mobility Needs: Consider whether a portable PS series lifter provides sufficient reach or if a machine-mounted PHD or MC series lifter is necessary for larger-scale projects.
  • Power Source: Battery-powered PS & PHD series lifters offer portability but have limited lifting capacity. Machine-mounted PHD, MC and RC series lifters can be hydraulically powered or have self-contained engines to power them.
  • Work Environment: For confined spaces, a compact lifter might be ideal. For open areas with heavy loads, a machine-mounted PHD or MC series lifter might be necessary.
  • Vacuum Gripper Pad: The size and shape of your chosen pad needs to suit the material your lifting. We have a large range of standard grippers to choose from. However, if required we can manufacture special grippers to suit the product your lifting.

Speak to one of our experienced team members to help choose the best vacuum lifter & gripper pad combination for your worksite.