Forklift Bucket

The forklift bucket isn’t just a bucket, it’s a productivity powerhouse. These dirt buckets tackle excavation and loose material transport head-on, simplifying your toughest tasks.

Effortless Dumping:

Say goodbye to backbreaking manual labour. The fork bucket boasts a simple, yet robust, mechanism that lets you dump loose materials like gravel, grain, or stone with ease, all from the comfort of your forklift seat.

Universal Compatibility:

This versatile bucket slips seamlessly onto your existing forklift tines, eliminating the need for costly modifications or specialised equipment. Simply slip it on, secure it, and get ready to conquer your material handling challenges.

Built to Last:

With a hardened steel wear edge on the bucket, it stands up to the toughest materials, ensuring long-lasting performance and minimising downtime. You can count on this bucket to be your reliable partner for years to come.

A Polished Performer:

The zinc finish not only adds a touch of professional flair but also protects against corrosion, ensuring your investment stays looking and performing its best.

More Than Just a Bucket:

It’s an investment in efficiency, productivity, and operator safety. It’s the perfect partner for construction sites, warehouses, farms, soil yards and any operation where loose materials need to be moved.

The bucket attachment is available in both manual and hydraulic versions.

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