Magnetic Lifter

Choose the Right Magnetic Lifter for Your Needs

Materials Handling Solutions is a leading Australian supplier of high-quality magnetic lifters, catering to a diverse range of industries. Our comprehensive selection ensures you can find the perfect solution for your specific lifting requirements.

Safety and Efficiency:

All of our magnetic lifters are designed for portability and ease of use while prioritising operator safety and equipment protection. We incorporate robust safety features, detailed below, to minimise risk factors during operation.

Permanent Magnet Lifters: Expert Guidance for Informed Decisions

Our experienced team is committed to providing exceptional customer service. We offer a wide range of permanent magnetic lifters across Australia and can guide you through selection. Here are some key considerations when choosing a plate magnet lifter:

  1. Magnet Strength: Selecting a magnet with sufficient lifting capacity is crucial. Carefully evaluate your lifting requirements to ensure the chosen magnet can handle the intended loads.

  2. Weight: If portability is a priority, consider the weight of the magnet. However, if portability is less important, a heavier magnet might offer a higher lifting capacity or be less expensive to purchase.

  3. Working Load Limit (WLL): Never exceed the WLL of the magnetic lifter to ensure safe operation. This information is typically displayed on the lifter itself.

  4. Lifting Cylinder Shapes: Magnetic lifter capacity is significantly reduced when lifting pipes or cylindrical objects. The safe lifting capacity for such shapes is usually specified on the side of the plate magnet lifter.

  5. Rate of Reduction: This refers to the decrease in lifting capacity based on the thickness of the steel being lifted. This information is also typically located on the side of the magnet.

  6. Magnet Surface: For optimal lifting performance, ensure both the magnet’s surface and the object being lifted are clean and free of debris. Additionally, conduct a visual inspection of the magnet lifter before each use to identify any potential damage.

  7. Ensure the locking button on the engaging handle if functioning properly. If this isn’t then under no circumstances should the lifter be used.

By considering these factors and consulting our knowledgeable staff, you can select the most suitable magnetic lifter for your application, ensuring safe and efficient material handling operations.

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