Forget the flashy robots and automated systems; when it comes to everyday efficiency and adaptability, the humble trolley rises to the top and reigns supreme. At Material Handling Solutions (MHS), we’ve devoted nearly three decades to perfecting these unsung heroes of logistics. Here, trolleys aren’t just off-the-shelf products; they’re solutions tailored to your specific needs. We source our trolleys from industry-leading innovators, ensuring you have access to the latest material handling advancements. But our commitment goes beyond providing cutting-edge equipment. We’re a team of dedicated problem solvers, ready to customise existing trolleys or even create entirely new ones if that’s what it takes to streamline your operations. Let’s delve into the diverse world of MHS trolleys:

Cleaning Trolleys:

Hygiene heroes keep your environment squeaky clean. Equipped with mop buckets, wringers, and storage compartments, they make housekeeping and cleaning a breeze.

Electric Trolleys:

Ditch the manual push! These powerful, battery-operated workhorses tackle heavy loads with ease, boosting productivity and reducing employee fatigue.

“A” Frame Trolleys:

Safety First! These specially designed trolleys handle fragile materials with the utmost care, featuring secure cradles and padded surfaces to prevent mishaps.

Hand Trucks:

A classic workhorse, the hand truck (sack trolley) remains a versatile tool for smaller loads. Sturdy and manoeuvrable, it tackles stairs, uneven surfaces, and tight spaces with ease.

Hospital Trolleys:

An essential part of any healthcare facility is the trolleys. We have so many different ones that they are listed in our “Hospital Equipment” category above.

Hospitality Trolleys:

From room service to housekeeping, these stylish and functional trolleys cater to every hospitality need. Its sleek design and ample storage space keep guests happy and staff organised.

Order Picking Trolleys:

Speed up warehouse operations! These multi-tiered trolleys allow order pickers to efficiently select items, increasing accuracy and reducing fulfilment times.

Plasterboard Trolley:

Say goodbye to backaches! This specialised trolley safely manoeuvres bulky plasterboard sheets, making construction and renovation projects smoother and safer.

Platform Trolleys:

The ultimate all-rounder, platform trolleys handle boxes, crates, and even awkward items with ease. Their flatbed design accommodates diverse loads, making them invaluable in any industry.

Scissor Lift Trolleys:

Reach new heights! These extendable platforms provide safe and stable access to elevated areas, perfect for maintenance, stocking, and cleaning tasks.

2 & 3 Tier Trolleys:

Double the capacity, double the efficiency. These tiered trolleys maximise space, ideal for transporting large quantities of smaller items or sorting tasks. Whether you’re navigating a bustling warehouse, maintaining a sparkling hotel, or tackling a construction project, there’s an MHS trolley perfectly suited to your needs. We don’t just sell trolleys; we provide solutions, working side-by-side with you to overcome challenges and optimise your operations. So, let’s save your back and get yourself a trolley that’ll last you years. Speak to one of our experts now to get the perfect one for your workplace.

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