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Streamline Caravan Roof Installation with VICTORY Rover R/V Vacuum Lifter

Caravan roof handling can be a time-consuming and labour-intensive process. But what if you could achieve safe and efficient roof placement with just one operator? The VICTORY Rover R/V vacuum lifter offers a revolutionary solution for caravan and motor home roof panel installation.

Designed Specifically for Caravan Roofs:

Unlike traditional lifters, the Rover R/V is built with caravan roof installations in mind. This means you can pre-cut all roof access panels before lifting the roof, saving valuable time on-site. Individual legs fold away to accommodate pre-installed roof objects, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free lifting process. Of course, this vacuum lifter can be used in any industry that uses a composite material. The advantage is that individual legs can be folded out of the way of protrusions or cutouts in the panels.

Reduced Manpower, Increased Efficiency:

Gone are the days of needing multiple staff members to wrestle with awkward caravan roofs. The Rover R/V promotes a streamlined workflow, enabling safe horizontal handling of the entire roof panel. For even greater manoeuvrability, this lifter boasts remote control functionality and if there isn’t a crane available it can be paired with a forklift for roof positioning.

Safety First:

Safety is paramount during caravan roof installations. The Rover R/V prioritises operator well-being by minimising the risk of injury associated with manual handling. Vacuum technology eliminates manual manoeuvring, preventing damage to the delicate roof panel itself. This translates to reduced material waste and a higher-quality finished product.

Australian Standards and User-Friendly Features:

All VICTORY Rover R/V lifters comply with relevant Australian safety standards for vacuum lifting equipment. Each machine incorporates audible and visual warning signals for enhanced operator awareness. The forklift-mounted Rover R/V model features an extra-large red/green indicator light and a remote control, allowing for easy operation directly from the forklift.

Packed with Standard Features:

The Rover R/V comes equipped with a range of valuable features to maximise performance and user experience:

  • Parking Stands: Protect the vacuum pads when not in use, extending their lifespan.
  • Auto-Off Function: Automatically shuts down the pump upon achieving optimal vacuum pressure, promoting pump longevity.
  • Independent Pad Control: Enables operators to activate individual vacuum pads to suit the specific size and shape of the caravan roof panel.
  • Remote Control Operations: Provides convenient controls for forklift-mounted applications.

Solar Panel Friendly:

The Rover R/V’s versatility extends beyond roof panels. This innovative lifter can also be used to efficiently and safely position solar panels onto your caravan roof. Precise control and secure vacuum suction ensures seamless solar panel installation.

Ready to revolutionise your caravan roof handling and installation process? Contact a VICTORY authorised dealer today to learn more about the Rover R/V vacuum lifter and how it can transform your workflow.