Drum Rotator – Hydraulic

Our Part No: MHSDC-GR2-HPP01

$11,950.00 Ex GST

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This product is a self-powered hydraulic drum lifter and rotator, which means it has its own battery-powered pump and does not need to be attached to the forklift hydraulic system. It has a Working Load Limit of 1000kg which means it is capable of safely lifting and handling drums weighing up to 1000kg. The lifter and rotator can move drums from a vertical to a horizontal position and vice versa, allowing for easy and efficient handling of drums in various positions. The remote control feature allows the operator to control the drum lifter and rotator from the safety of their seat, which can help to improve safety and efficiency in the workplace.

Capacity: 1000kg

Load Centre:1300mm

Rotation: 130°

Weight: 175kg

Fork Pocket Size 185 x 65