Fish Crates

711 X 438 X 292H.

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Fish Crates Manufactured With Food Grade Plastic: The Perfect Solution for Storing and Transporting Seafood. Generous Capacities for Varied Needs: Available in two sizes, our fish crate offers flexible options to suit your specific requirements. Choose between a 35L or 55L capacity, depending on the quantity of seafood you need to store or transport. From small-scale operations to large fishing enterprises, these crates ensure efficient and convenient handling of your valuable catch. Space-Saving Stack & Nest Design: Maximise your storage space with the innovative stack and nest features of our fish crate. When empty, these crates can be neatly stacked on top of one another, minimising the amount of space required for storage. Thanks to their smart design, you can easily organise and optimise your storage area, whether it’s on the boat, back at the factory or in a transport truck. Large Tub dimensions of 711 x 438 x 292mm and Small Tub dimensions of 713 x 442 x 222mm have been carefully crafted to provide the perfect balance between capacity and practicality. The size is optimised to accommodate various sizes of seafood while ensuring ease of handling during storage and transportation. You can rely on our fish crate to keep your seafood fresh and intact. Our fish crates are made from high-quality food grade plastic, ensuring the utmost safety and hygiene for your seafood. This material is specifically chosen for its durability, resistance to impact, and ability to maintain the integrity of your catch. The food grade plastic is easy to clean, preventing cross-contamination and ensuring a pristine environment for your seafood.