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Streamline Steel Sheet Handling with the VICTORY ROVER Forklift Vacuum Lifter

Eliminate the need for cranes and experience the unmatched flexibility of the VICTORY ROVER forklift vacuum lifter. This innovative attachment empowers operators to tackle heavy-duty steel sheet handling with ease. It will transform your workflow and maximise efficiency by not taking people away from other tasks to help with positioning a sheet of steel.

Power and Performance:

The ROVER boasts impressive lifting capacities of 600kg and 800kg, making it suitable for a wide range of steel sheet sizes and weights. Whether you’re manoeuvring large panels or intricate cutouts, the ROVER provides the power and control you need to get the job done effortlessly.


Unlike traditional crane-mounted lifters, the ROVER seamlessly attaches to your existing forklift, offering you flexibility. This eliminates the need for dedicated cranes, allowing you to move the lifter freely around your worksite for on-demand sheet handling.

Safety First:

Operator safety is paramount. The ROVER incorporates a range of features as standard equipment, including:

  • Parking Stands: Protect the vacuum pads when not in use, extending their lifespan and preventing accidental damage.
  • Red/Green Signal Tower Lights: Provide a clear visual indication of the current vacuum level, ensuring safe operation.
  • Audible Alarm: Sounds an alert if the vacuum level falls below the safe operating range, preventing accidental sheet drops.
  • Safety Chain: Securely tethers the lifter to the forklift, minimising the risk of accidental detachment.
  • Vacuum Pad Shut-Off Valves: Each vacuum cup can be turned on or off so material with cutouts can be lifted.

Crane Compatibility:

While designed for forklift use, the VICTORY ROVER can also be connected to a crane, providing maximum flexibility for your lifting needs.

Modernise Your Steel Sheet Handling:

The ROVER forklift vacuum lifter represents a game-changer for steel sheet handling. Its exceptional power, versatility, and safety features empower you to achieve new levels of efficiency and productivity on your projects.

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