Glass Lifter Trolley

Our Part No: MHSGRM25001

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The Glass Lifter Trolley – is the perfect machine for handling and installing glass panels and windows. With a lifting capacity of 250kg and a lift height of 2.1m it will easily handle large and heavy glass panels. The wheels can be extended to make the machine wider for better stability when handling heavy glass, and the glass attachment head can rotate 360°, allowing for easy manoeuvring and positioning of the glass panel. The glass lifter also can tilt from a horizontal to a vertical position, and the glass panel can rotate sideways, making it possible to fit through doorways while carrying the sheet of glass. The glass lifter trolley dimensions are 2140 x 800 x 1380, and it weighs 177kg.

Capacity: 250kg

Dimensions: 2140 x 800 x 1380mm

Adjustable Wheel Base: 800 – 1400mm

Max Lift height: 2.45m

Weight: 177kg

GRM25001 – Glass Lifter