Grabrail 600mm Long

Our Part No: MHS4H201


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Enhance any space with the addition of our 600mm Long Grabrail, designed to offer essential support to individuals when required. Crafted from high-quality stainless steel with a comfortable 32mm diameter, this grabrail provides the perfect size for easy gripping. With its thoughtful design and included flange cover, it not only hides the fixing point but also delivers a sleek and neat finish to the product. Experience the convenience and reliability of our 600mm Long Grabrail in any setting. Key Features:
  1. Optimal Length: The grabrail measures 600mm in length, providing an extended reach for enhanced support. Whether it’s for residential, commercial, or public spaces, this length offers ample coverage and stability where needed.
  2. High-Quality Stainless Steel: Manufactured from premium stainless steel, our grabrail ensures exceptional durability and longevity. It is specifically designed to withstand daily usage without compromising its structural integrity or performance.
  3. Comfortable Grip: The 32mm diameter of the grabrail is carefully chosen to offer a comfortable grip for users. It provides an ergonomic and secure hold, enabling individuals to confidently rely on its support.
  4. Flange Cover for a Neat Finish: The included flange cover not only conceals the fixing point but also adds a touch of elegance to the grabrail. This feature ensures a clean and seamless appearance, enhancing the overall aesthetics of any space.
Our 600mm Long Grabrail is a reliable and versatile solution for providing essential support in various environments. Its high-quality stainless steel construction, extended length, comfortable grip, and flange cover make it an ideal choice for those seeking a durable and visually appealing grabrail. Elevate the accessibility and safety of your space by incorporating our 600mm Long Grabrail today.