MegaBin – Collapsible

Our Part No: MHSBNR11101

1162 X 1162 X 780H.

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The Collapsible MegaBin: A Space-Saving Storage Revolution

The Collapsible MegaBin has redefined storage possibilities by offering a unique blend of functionality, space efficiency, and durability.

Storage Capacity and Collapsible Footprint:

The defining feature of the Collapsible Bin is its ability to transform from a large, 1162 x 1162 x 780mm storage container to a compact 300mm form factor. This collapsible design allows for significantly reduced storage space when the MegaBins are not in use. Warehouses and transport trucks can maximise space utilisation without sacrificing storage capacity.

Hygienic Design for Safe and Efficient Operations:

Constructed from virgin Polypropylene (PP), a food-safe plastic, the Collapsible MegaBin prioritises superior hygiene. The smooth, non-porous surface discourages bacteria and mould growth, making it ideal for storing and handling food items. This easy-to-clean plastic material ensures continued sanitation and meets food safety regulations.

Effortless Transport, Streamlined Operations:

In its collapsed state, the Collapsible MegaBin becomes remarkably compact, facilitating efficient transportation. Businesses can move a larger number of MegaBins during a single trip, reducing transportation costs and streamlining operations. The lightweight nature of the plastic material further contributes to easier handling and manoeuvrability.

Versatility for Diverse Applications:

The Collapsible MegaBin boasts an impressive 500kg capacity, coupled with its food-grade construction and vented sides for optimal airflow. This makes it suitable for a wide range of applications. From agriculture and food processing to distribution and manufacturing, the MegaBin can effectively store and transport many bulk items.

The Collapsible Bin presents a compelling solution for businesses seeking to optimise space utilisation, prioritise hygiene, and ensure efficient handling. Its versatility, robust build quality, and space-saving design make it a valuable asset for numerous industries. Don’t miss out on this storage revolution! Contact us today to inquire about purchasing your Collapsible MegaBin.

  • Dimensions 1162 x 1162 x 780mm
  • Vented sides
  • 500kg capacity