Rehabilitation Parallel Bars

Our Part No: MHS4H71001

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Physiotherapy rehabilitation parallel bars play a vital role in facilitating patient recovery and enhancing mobility in a safe and controlled environment. With its versatile design, adjustable height features, and free-standing structure, these bars empower physical therapists to implement tailored rehabilitation programs that address each patient’s unique needs. From gait training to balance improvement and strengthening exercises, physiotherapy parallel bars are indispensable tools that promote progress, confidence, and independence on the road to recovery. By leveraging the benefits of these rehabilitation parallel bars, patients can regain their functional abilities, leading to an improved quality of life and a smoother reintegration into daily activities. Contact Us for further details.  

Length: 2.5m (or can be custom made to suit your requirements)

Height Adjustment: 650-1050mm

Safe Working Load: 150kg