Rubber Cutter Magnum Super50

Our Part No: Magnum Super50

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The ultimate solution for all your rubber-cutting needs is the Magnum Super50 Rubber Cutter. Crafted with precision and backed by reputable Milwaukee & Makita hand tools, this rubber cutter ensures top-notch performance and durability. The comprehensive package includes not only the powerful saw itself, but also essential accessories like a charger and two batteries. This ensures uninterrupted productivity, making it a valuable investment for professionals. It’s also available in either a Milwaukee or Makita skin so it can match your other tool’s batteries. Safety is paramount, and the Magnum Super50 Rubber Cutter takes this seriously. Its design and engineering make it an incredibly safe tool to use, allowing you to cut through rubber like a hot knife through butter without any compromise on safety. Additionally, the product comes with a robust case, providing protection from damage and extending its lifespan. In a world where precision, efficiency and safety matter, the Magnum Super50 Rubber Cutter is the ideal tool for all your rubber-cutting tasks. Experience a seamless blend of technology, safety, and convenience, making your cutting smoother and more efficient. Contact us for more details.

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Mag Super50