Schmalz VacuMaster Eco lifting a sheet of steel

Schmalz VacuMaster Eco


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The Schmalz Vacumaster Eco is an unpowered vacuum lifter that is designed for lifting non-porous materials. It is easily moved to different cranes or lifting devices, making it a versatile and convenient solution for handling different types of products. The Vacumaster Eco operates on a plunger system, which expels air from the suction pads. Once the air is expelled, a vacuum is achieved, enabling the product to be lifted. This plunger system is simple and easy to operate, making it suitable for use by a wide range of operators. One of the key advantages of the Vacumaster Eco is its lightweight design. It is easy to move around and can be attached to different cranes or lifting devices with minimal effort. This allows the user to quickly and easily move the unit to different locations, as well as adjust it for different products. The Vacumaster Eco is also a cost-effective solution for lifting products. It does not require any external power source or additional equipment, which reduces the overall cost of ownership. The Schmalz Vacumaster Eco is a reliable and efficient solution for lifting non-porous materials. Its plunger system, lightweight design and cost-effectiveness make it suitable for a wide range of industries and applications. It’s also fully compliant with the Australian Standards AS4991-Lifting Devices which gives you confidence in it’s quality & safety.