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Enhance Lifting Safety with a Spreader Beam

Ensuring safe and efficient overhead crane operations is paramount in any industrial setting. The CSB Spreader Beam offers a versatile solution to meet the demands of diverse lifting applications.


The Spreader Beams are available in a range of capacities and lengths. This allows for optimal selection based on the specific requirements of your lifting task. Whether you’re handling light machinery or bulky materials, a CSB Spreader Beam can be configured to match your needs.

Each CSB Spreader Beam comes equipped with several features that promote safety:

  • Five Lifting Positions: The beam offers five standard lifting positions, providing flexibility in adjusting the lifting point to suit the load.
  • Safety Swivel Hooks: Two safety swivel hooks are included, ensuring proper load orientation and minimising the risk of entanglement.

Durable Finish:

All CSB Spreader Beams boast a tough enamel paint finish. This coating safeguards the beam from wear and tear, promoting long-lasting performance.

Incorporating CSB Spreader Beams into your lifting operations can elevate safety, efficiency, and overall control during overhead crane applications.

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Load Limit
 CSB2X1 2000 160 – 950 31
 CSB2X2 2000 590 – 2000 70
 CSB3X3 3000 710 – 3000 110
 CSB5X4 5000 1140 – 4000 300
 CSB10X4 10000 1130 – 4000 480
 CSB10X7 10000 1730 – 7000 1350

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