Tile Gripper

Our Part No: MHSFXM-3001

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The FLIEGUAN-M FXM-30 Vacuum-Powered Tile Gripper is your solution to hassle-free handling of large or heavy tiles. This tool, which has a capacity of up to 30 kg, offers quick and ergonomic tile laying, thanks to its powerful vacuum technology. Using the vacuum-powered tile gripper is a breeze. Begin by activating the suction on the tile through the suction plate with the vacuum pump switch. This enables easy removal or pickup of the tile from the stack. Once in position, effortlessly rotate the tile to a vertical stance, allowing comfortable and ergonomic adhesive application. When precise positioning is needed, simply use the handle to smoothly rotate the tile back to a horizontal orientation. To release the tile, operate the release lever on the suction plate. Powered by a battery-operated vacuum pump, the FXM-30 creates the necessary negative pressure for secure handling, even on textured surfaces. Keep track of essential information with the suction force indicator and monitor the power level via the battery charging indicator. Notably, a single battery charge reliably powers the vacuum pump for several days before requiring a recharge, ensuring high efficiency and convenience. Say goodbye to tile-handling challenges with the FXM-30 Vacuum-Powered Tile Gripper.