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Our Part No: MHSTTR400001

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Effortless Material Movement with the Powerful 4000kg Tow Tug

This powerful 4000kg capacity tow tug is designed to revolutionise your material handling practises. Ideal for effortlessly manoeuvring heavy loads of up to 4000kg on flat surfaces, this robust tug eliminates the need for manual strain and ensures efficient operation.

Power Meets User Comfort

The tow tug boasts a powerful 36V/1500W motor, providing ample strength for effortless towing. The ergonomically designed handle ensures operator comfort during extended use, minimising fatigue and promoting safe operation.

Convenient Recharging for Uninterrupted Workflows

Equipped with a built-in charger, this tow tug allows for convenient recharging. Simply plug it in and get back to work quickly, eliminating downtime associated with external battery charger replacements.

Efficiency with a Powerful Tow Tug

By incorporating this 4000kg tow tug into your operations, you can experience:

  • Reduced labour costs: Minimise reliance on manual labour for significant cost savings.
  • Enhanced productivity: Experience faster load movement and improved overall efficiency.
  • Increased operator safety: Eliminate the risk of strain and injury associated with manual towing.
  • Streamlined workflows: Convenient recharging and a complete solution ensure minimal downtime.

Contact Us to discuss your material handling practises and unlock significant productivity gains with this powerful and user-friendly tow tug.

Max Towing Capacity 4000kg
Height 1020mm
Dimensions 1550 x 840 x 970mm
Motor 36V / 1500W
Charger 36V / 8A
Batteries 2 x 12V 15Ah
Moving Speed Variable controller range from 5-8km/h
Weight 262kg

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TTR400001 – Powered Electric Tug