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Sheet Metal Handling with the VICTORY TITAN Vacuum Lifter

The VICTORY TITAN range of vacuum sheet lifter offers a game-changing solution for efficient and safe handling of metal sheets and other non-porous materials. Designed for precise and rapid lifting, these lifters empower a single operator to manage sheets weighing up to 2,000kg.

Gone are the days of relying on multiple staff members or struggling with manual handling. The TITAN range fosters a more streamlined workflow, enabling horizontal handling and even 90° tilting capabilities on select models. For increased manoeuvrability, some lifters can be equipped with fork tine pockets for seamless integration with forklifts.

The VICTORY TITAN prioritises safety. The effortless operation minimises the risk of injury for operators. Additionally, the vacuum technology eliminates the need for manual manoeuvring of the sheets, preventing scratches and damage to the material itself. This translates to reduced material waste and improved overall project quality.

Safety remains paramount, with all VICTORY TITAN lifters adhering to relevant Australian standards for vacuum lifting equipment. Each machine incorporates audible and visual warning signals for enhanced operator awareness. The Victory Rover model, specifically designed for forklift use, features an extra-large red/green indicator light and a remote control, allowing the operator to manage the lifter without leaving the forklift cabin.

 Standard Features:

  • Parking Stands: Protect the vacuum pads when not in use, extending their lifespan.
  • Auto-Off Function: Automatically shuts down the pump upon achieving optimal vacuum pressure, promoting pump longevity.
  • Independent Pad Control: Enables operators to activate individual vacuum pads to suit the specific size and shape of the sheet being lifted.
  • Remote Control Operation (Victory Rover Model): Provides convenient controls for forklift-mounted applications.

Don’t settle for inefficient or unsafe sheet metal handling. Contact a VICTORY TITAN vacuum sheet lifter specialist today. We offer free on-site consultations to help identify the perfect lifter for your specific needs.

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