Wheelie Bin Tipper

Wheelie Bin Tipper 240L

Our Part No: MHSNWB-T101

WLL 500kg, Load centre 1200mm Tipping Angle 180 deg Unit weight 100kg Fork Pocket Size 180 x 85mm Fork Pocket Centres 340mm

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A 240L single wheelie bin tipper fits onto your forklift tynes and is safely secured in place with a chain. Designed for safe and easy tipping of a single wheelie bin into a larger container. The bin tipper is mounted onto a forklift, allowing the operator to tip the bin from the driver’s seat using a pull cord. This tool is designed to carry one wheelie bin at a time. The use of this bin tipper can help to improve efficiency and make the task of handling wheelie bins safer for the operator. It’s also available in a double bin variety, allowing for the handling of two bins at a time, which can be especially useful in larger operations.