About MHS

Our History

MHS began trading operations almost 3 decades ago, specializing in custom manufactured trolleys and components to suit its customers’ needs. During this time we evolved into a complete material handling supplier and now source products from the best manufacturers in this field.

Our Focus

Our focus has always been on the customer’s need which has made us extremely good at looking at the problems business face today and helping to come up with some very creative means of making tasks more efficient and safer for the people performing them.

New Ownership

Until 2021 Richard Verdouw owned and operated the business and after many years of solving problems and providing the best service in the industry, decided to take the next step towards a well earned retirement. This is where the Grier family enters the picture, having owned and operated many different businesses the decision to take over from Richard wasn’t a difficult one to make. At its core MHS is a customer service business and that’s something that in every business we’ve been involved in we have always strived to provide the very best service levels. The hard work in finding companies that manufacture the best products has already been done over the last 3 decades.

Our Solutions

The products our suppliers manufacture are constantly evolving as technology changes, so too the products we offer are always being updated. This now puts us in the enviable position that we can concentrate on our customers’ needs and if that means a product has to be modified or created from concept to work in a particular situation then that’s exactly what we do. With this culture of providing solutions instead of just products some very creative minds are hard at work on getting the best outcome for our customers.

Thank You

Thank you for taking the time to read this short introduction to our company, we are looking forward to getting to know you, and understanding your needs. I hope to include you in our long list of very satisfied repeat customers in the years ahead.