Medical Trolleys

Medical facilities: bustling hubs of dedicated professionals working tirelessly to deliver effective care. But their efforts rely on a crucial element – a well-equipped environment. Medical trolleys play a vital role in optimising patient care.

1. Dressing Trolleys:

Imagine swift access to dressings, swabs, and instruments during wound care. Medical trolleys make this a reality. Constructed from durable stainless steel, these mobile workstations boast various shelves and drawers for organised storage. Many feature a top rail to keep items from falling off, maximising efficiency and cleanliness.

2. Hospital Beds:

A cornerstone of patient comfort and recovery, hospital beds come in a range of configurations. Standard ward beds provide support and rest, while intensive care beds offer advanced functionalities like pressure therapy and adjustable positions. Specialised beds cater to specific conditions, ensuring optimal comfort and treatment for all patients.

3. eCarts:

Technological marvels gliding through corridors, eCarts revolutionise critical care. Equipped with shelves and drawers that can be locked to keep dangerous items safe, they carry vital equipment like monitors, infusion pumps and ventilators. Their mobility allows healthcare professionals to respond promptly to emergencies, delivering immediate and efficient intervention.

4. Chart Stands and Trolleys:

Patient records and medical charts are the lifeblood of care coordination. Chart stands and trolleys ensure their accessibility and security. Made from sturdy materials, they offer stable platforms for displaying information and updating records at a glance. Locking functionalities in some models safeguards patient privacy, adding a layer of trust to the care process.

5. Wheelchairs:

For patients with limited mobility, wheelchairs offer independence and dignity. Available in manual, powered and specialised variations, they cater to diverse needs. Whether facilitating daily routines or aiding in rehabilitation, wheelchairs empower individuals and contribute significantly to their overall well-being.

6. Customised Trolleys:

Although there are a lot of different standard trolleys available specifically for the medical industry. Through our experience gained over many decades in the industry, we know that sometimes you need a custom trolley for a specific purpose. That’s why we also design and manufacture medical trolleys from either mild or stainless steel to the highest standards. Everything from “setup trolleys” to “vacuum cleaner trolleys” we have you covered.

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