Whether you are recovering from an operation or seeking a means of independence and freedom in your mobility, choosing the right wheelchair is very important. At MHS we have a large range of wheelchairs to choose from. From temporary aid during rehabilitation to long-term companions for daily activities, there is a diverse range of wheelchairs available to suit every individual’s needs. The wheelchair market has evolved significantly, and manufacturers now produce various types of wheelchairs with distinct features and functionalities. Understanding the different options available can help you make an informed decision to find the perfect fit for your situation.
  1. Manual Wheelchairs:

Manual wheelchairs are the traditional type that relies on human power for propulsion. They come in lightweight designs, ideal for temporary use during recovery or for individuals with sufficient upper body strength. These wheelchairs are easily manoeuvrable and suitable for indoor and outdoor activities.
  1. Power Wheelchairs:

For individuals who require a more effortless and convenient mode of mobility, power wheelchairs are an excellent choice. These electrically powered wheelchairs offer greater independence and are perfect for individuals with limited physical strength or stamina. They allow for ease of navigation, making them ideal for longer trips or outdoor adventures.
  1. Transport Wheelchairs:

Designed for the primary purpose of easy transportation, these lightweight and compact wheelchairs are perfect for short-term use or travelling. They are often used in healthcare facilities or for individuals who need occasional assistance with mobility.
  1. Sports Wheelchairs:

Sports enthusiasts need not be limited by their mobility challenges, thanks to sports-specific wheelchairs. Customised to suit various athletic activities like basketball, tennis, or racing, these wheelchairs enable individuals to participate actively in their favourite sports.
  1. All-Terrain Wheelchairs:

For those who lead an adventurous lifestyle, all-terrain wheelchairs are the ideal solution. With sturdy designs and robust wheels, these wheelchairs can navigate rough outdoor terrain, including sandy beaches, hiking trails, and snow-covered paths.
  1. Bariatric Wheelchairs:

Bariatric wheelchairs are specifically designed to support individuals with larger body frames, providing them with comfort and stability while ensuring their safety and mobility. Speak to our friendly staff to explore all the different types of wheelchair we have available.

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