Wheelie Bin Trailer

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Struggling to manage multiple wheelie bins? Our custom made wheelie bin trailer is your solution for efficient and effortless waste transportation in commercial and industrial settings. Designed for Maximum Efficiency:
  • 6-bin capacity: This trailer accommodates six standard 240L wheelie bins, eliminating the need for multiple trips and maximising productivity.
  • Easy-grip ramp handle: The high ramp handle makes raising the rear ramp a breeze, reducing strain and fatigue for the operator.
  • Australian made quality: Built with local expertise, this trailer is designed to meet the specific needs of the Australian market.
Tailored to Your Needs:
  • Customizable design: Whether you require a different bin capacity, specific dimensions, or additional features, we can work with you to create a trailer that perfectly fits your unique needs.
  • Improved safety: The trailer promotes a safer working environment by minimising manual lifting and reducing the risk of back injuries.
  • Increased efficiency: Transporting multiple bins simultaneously saves time and resources, allowing you to focus on other tasks.
Ideal for:
  • Commercial waste management companies: Streamline collection and disposal processes for increased efficiency.
  • Hospitality venues: Ensure hygienic waste disposal with a convenient and safe solution.
  • Large construction sites: Manage construction debris efficiently with a dedicated waste transportation system.
  • Industrial facilities: Maintain a clean and organised environment with ease.
Investing in a custom wheelie bin trailer offers:
  • Unmatched efficiency: Eliminate multiple trips and maximise productivity.
  • Reduced operator strain: The easy-grip handle minimises fatigue and prevents back injuries.
  • Customizable design: Get a trailer that perfectly fits your specific needs and requirements.
  • Improved safety: Promote a safer work environment with reduced manual lifting.
  • Australian made quality: Enjoy a reliable and durable trailer built for local conditions.
Stop struggling with overflowing bins and embrace a more efficient waste management solution. Contact the manufacturer today to discuss your custom wheelie bin trailer needs!

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