Clean Linen Trolley

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Ditch the Drudgery: Embrace the Efficiency of a Clean Linen Trolley

Imagine bustling hospital hallways, staff rushing to deliver crisp, fresh linen with ease. Sounds impossible, right? Wrong! Enter the clean linen trolley, your new weapon, against laundry logistics chaos.

Think beyond overflowing laundry baskets and back-breaking hauls. This three-shelf wonder eliminates that struggle, boosting efficiency and saving precious time and energy. Did you know staff spend an average of 20 minutes per shift wrestling with linen?** That’s 100 hours a year per staff member– imagine redirecting that to other priorities!

Compact Powerhouse:

Don’t underestimate this small but mighty linen trolley. Its three spacious shelves hold ample linens, while its lightweight construction and smooth-rolling casters make manoeuvring a breeze, even through tight corridors. Plus, the open design allows easy access from both sides, saving valuable seconds during busy shifts.

Safety & Hygiene First:

This isn’t just a linen carrier; it’s a hygiene champion. Corner buffers protect walls and furniture, and the powder-coated frame ensures easy cleaning and long-lasting durability. Worried about dust and contaminants? No problem! Just add the optional cover for an extra layer of protection.

Beyond the Basics:

This linen trolley goes above and beyond with thoughtful features. The ergonomic push handle reduces strain, while the anti-static castors prevent static build-up for added safety. Need a spot for smaller items? The convenient tray on top has you covered with upturned edges to keep items from falling off.

Invest in a Happier Workplace:

A clean linen trolley isn’t just a product, it’s an investment in a smoother workflow, improved hygiene, and happier staff. Imagine the positive impact on patient experience with timely linen deliveries and nurses feeling less burdened.

Ready to revolutionise your healthcare facility? Contact us today to explore how a clean linen trolley can transform your linen management. Remember, a small change can make a big difference in the fast-paced world of healthcare. Don’t forget to ask about our bulk discounts and customization options!

  • Ergonomic push handle
  • Open both sides
  • Corner buffers
  • 3 x 125mm anti-static total lock castors
  • 1 x 125mm anti-static directional total lock castor
  • Powder coated frame with tray on top
  • Dimensions 920mm(L) x 525mm(W) x 3104mm(H)

4H227 – Clean Linen Trolley (open)