Container Ramp

Our Part No: MHSCRN801


Dimensions 2.0m long, 2.2m wide. Weight 275kg. Fork Pocket Size 160 x 60mm. Fork Pocket Centres 775mm. Capacity 8000kg.

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Conquer Container Access with our Heavy-Duty Container Ramp

Forget struggling to reach container cargo. This powerful forklift ramp bridges the gap, making loading and unloading a breeze. With a sturdy 8.0T weight capacity and a generous 2.0m ramp length, it confidently tackles bulky shipments and accommodates diverse container sizes.

Effortless Operations and Built-in Safety:

Front picking, the industry standard, lets you securely position the ramp with your forklift. No awkward manoeuvring, just seamless container access. For that extra peace of mind, a sturdy safety chain tethers the ramp to the container, preventing unwanted shifts and ensuring rock-solid stability.

The Ramp That’s Built to Last:

This isn’t just a ramp; it’s a workhorse. The reinforced underside shrugs off heavy loads and frequent use, while the durable enamel paint finish protects against wear and tear, keeping it looking sharp for years to come.

Strength in Numbers:

Don’t be fooled by its 275kg weight. This robust construction speaks volumes about its unwavering strength and reliability. Invest in a ramp that won’t let you down – invest in efficiency and cost savings.

Best Container Ramp For Your Operation:

Whether you’re a small business owner or a logistics powerhouse, this forklift ramp is your key to smoother container movement. From front-loading convenience to built-in safety features, it’s designed to optimise your workflow and keep your operations running smoothly.

But why settle for one size fits all? We have a full range of ramps to perfectly match your needs. Contact us today and let our experts help you find the ideal companion for your container adventures!

Dimensions 2000 x 2200mm
W.L.L. 8.0T
Weight 275kg
Fork Pocket Size 160 x 60mm
Fork Pocket Centres 775mm

CRN801 – Container Ramp