Container Skate

Our Part No: MHSLSR01601

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The container skate is a specialised type of material handling equipment that are designed to be used with shipping containers. They are precision engineered to securely lock into the corners of the containers, using a twist lock mechanism, which provides stability and security during movement. The container skate is designed for easy movement of the containers on concrete surfaces, making it possible to reposition the containers without the need for a forklift or other heavy-duty equipment. This can save time and effort, and reduce the risk of damage to the containers. The skates are fitted with 5 nylon swivel castor wheels, which allow for easy steering and manoeuvrability. The swivel casters also provide a smooth and stable ride, even on uneven surfaces, helping to reduce the risk of damage to the containers. The load capacity of each skate is 4,000kg, This high load capacity makes them suitable for use with a wide range of containers, including standard shipping containers, refrigerated containers, and other types of heavy containers. Overall, these container load skates are a practical and efficient solution for moving shipping containers, providing a secure and stable platform for easy repositioning on concrete surfaces.

SWL 4000kg