Crash Cart

Our Part No: MHS4H50601

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Crash Cart eCart: Streamlining Emergency Response with Mobility and Security

In a medical emergency, seconds count. Every healthcare facility needs equipment readily available to address critical situations. The Crash Cart offers a modern solution for storing and transporting lifesaving medications and supplies.

Enhanced Mobility: This eCart boasts manoeuvrability thanks to its adjustable push handle. Navigate tight corridors and patient rooms with ease, ensuring swift delivery of the crash cart to the point of need.

Organised Efficiency: Six drawers with dividers provide ample, well-organized storage for medications and equipment. This compartmentalization allows for quick identification and retrieval of essential items during a crisis.

Expandable Workspace: The slide-out shelf creates a convenient prep area for medications and procedures. This additional surface streamlines workflow and provides a stable platform for critical tasks.

Secured Access: The mechanical key lock ensures that only authorised personnel can access the cart’s contents. This vital security measure protects controlled substances and safeguards against accidental tampering.

The Cart represents a significant advancement in emergency response equipment. Its mobility, organisation, and security features empower medical professionals to react swiftly and effectively in critical moments.

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