Wet Vacuum Cleaner

Our Part No: MHSD35769AS

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The next generation of pneumatic drum vacuum pumps is here. Taking inspiration from the renowned Vacteck Dragin pump. Building upon the success of its predecessor, we now have a more robust and powerful model of the vacuum pump. This advanced equipment provides a quieter operation compared to previous models and adds great value to the range of air-powered vacuums available in the market. By simply screwing it into a 205L drum, the pneumatic vacuum pump transforms it into a highly efficient vacuum cleaner capable of handling various substances, including oil, chemicals, fuels, water, mud, and solid particles suspended in fluid.

Enhanced Performance and Reduced Noise Signature

The pneumatic drum vacuum pump is designed to deliver exceptional performance while operating at significantly reduced noise levels. With the latest engineering expertise, this model minimises sound signatures, ensuring a more comfortable and quieter working environment. The upgraded design not only enhances the pump’s power but also reduces noise emissions, making it an ideal choice for industrial applications where noise control is essential.

Transform Your Steel Drum into an Industrial Drum Vacuum Cleaner

By utilising compressed air, the pneumatic vacuum pump effectively turns your old steel drum into a powerful industrial vacuum cleaner. The process is simple: screw the vacuum pump into the drum, attach the camlock set to the larger bung, connect your suction hose, and you are ready to tackle a wide range of fluid types and suspended solid particles. This cost-effective solution provides a reliable and high-performing vacuum system by repurposing existing steel drums.

Versatility with Multiple Models Available

To cater to different requirements and airflow needs, the pneumatic drum vacuum pump is available in various models, including 20/30/40/60 cfm options. This range allows users to choose the appropriate model based on their specific application and the volume of material they need to handle. Whether you are dealing with smaller-scale cleanups or larger industrial tasks, there is a pneumatic vacuum pump model available to suit your needs. The vacuum system can also be used to evacuate liquid from any kind of sump, as long as you can get the hose into the liquid it’ll do the work for you.