Electric Stacker

Our Part No: MHSMES15001

$2,595.00 Ex GST

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Conquer Tight Spaces and Heavy Loads with the Versatile Electric Stacker

The electric stacker, your new secret weapon for efficient material handling in any environment. This compact powerhouse combines the lifting capabilities of a forklift with the maneuverability of a pallet jack, making it ideal for warehouses, retail stores, workshops, and more.

Built for Power and Precision:

  • 150kg Working Load Limit: Tackle demanding tasks with confidence, knowing you can safely lift and transport even heavy items.
  • Platform size 470mm x 600mm: Accommodate a wide range of cargo with ample platform space.
  • Min height 200mm: Effortlessly pick up items close to the ground, perfect for loading and unloading vehicles or accessing low shelves.
  • Max height 1500mm: Excellent for loading or unloading shelves etc.


  • Overall size 890 x 600 x 1980: Navigate narrow aisles and tight corners with ease thanks to the compact design.
  • Electric operation: Effortless lifting and lowering minimizes operator fatigue and maximizes productivity.
  • User-friendly controls: Operate the stacker with intuitive controls, ensuring smooth and efficient workflow.

More Than Just Lifting:

  • Platform design: Use the platform for versatile applications beyond simple lifting, such as transporting equipment, performing light assembly tasks, or creating temporary workstations.
  • Durable construction: Built to withstand rigorous use in demanding environments.
  • Low maintenance: Enjoy minimal downtime and reduced operating costs.

Make your material handling operation more efficient and versatile with the electric stacker. Contact Us Today to learn more.

Paltform Size: 460 x 460mm

Capacity: 150kg

Platform Height When Lowered: 130mm

Maximum Platform Height: 1550mm

Overall Height: 1420mm

Weight: 58kg

Warranty: 12 months