Equipment Moving Skate

Our Part No: MHSLSR00801

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  • Say goodbye to the backbreaking task of manually manoeuvring heavy equipment! The steerable Equipment Moving Skate is your answer to the safe, efficient, and effortless movement of large objects over short distances.Unmatched Strength and Maneuvering:
    • 0T safe working load: Confidently handle loads of up to 3.0 tonnes, making it ideal for moving machinery, equipment, and other bulky items.
    • Easy-turn turntable: Enjoy effortless manoeuvring with the built-in turntable, allowing you to navigate tight corners and awkward spaces with ease.
    • Steering drawbar: Precisely guide the skate into position with a convenient drawbar, ensuring optimal control and safety.
    Built for Durability and Efficiency:
    • Robust construction: Crafted from high-quality materials, the skate boasts exceptional durability to withstand the rigours of heavy-duty use.
    • Smooth-rolling wheels: Navigate various terrains with ease thanks to the smooth-rolling wheels, minimising friction and maximising efficiency.
    • Reduced operator effort: Save time and energy compared to manual lifting, allowing your team to focus on more important tasks.
    Ideal for Diverse Applications:
    • Industrial settings: Move machinery, equipment, and materials within factories, warehouses, and workshops.
    • Construction sites: Easily manoeuvre heavy building materials and equipment around the site.
    • Event management: Set up and dismantle heavy staging, sound systems, and other event equipment.
    • Anywhere heavy equipment needs to be moved: The steerable Equipment Moving Skate is a versatile solution for any industry or application requiring the safe and efficient movement of heavy objects.
    Investing in the steerable Equipment Moving Skate offers:
    • Enhanced safety: Protect your employees from potential injuries associated with manual lifting.
    • Increased productivity: Streamline your operations and improve efficiency by moving heavy loads with ease.
    • Reduced costs: Eliminate the need for additional equipment and manpower, saving you time and resources.
    • Versatility: Adapt to various needs and applications across different industries.
    Don’t let heavy equipment movement slow you down. Get the steerable Equipment Moving Skate and experience the difference!

  • SWL 3.0T
  • Plate dimensions 180 x 150
  • Height 106mm