Flammable Liquid Cabinet 250L

Our Part No: MHSPS25001

Internal dimensions 1080W. 718D. 1010H.

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When it comes to storing flammable liquids, safety is of utmost importance in any workplace. Introducing the Australian made STOREMASTA® Flammable Liquid Cabinet 250L, the ultimate solution for secure and compliant storage of class 3 flammable liquids. Designed to meet the Australian Standard AS1940:2017, these cabinets provide unmatched safety and peace of mind across all industries. The STOREMASTA® Flammable Liquid Cabinet 250L is meticulously crafted to adhere to the rigorous requirements of the Australian Standard AS1940:2017. This means you can trust that your flammable liquids are stored in compliance with the highest safety standards, minimising the risk of fire hazards and potential accidents. With a generous capacity of 250L, the cabinet offers ample space to accommodate your flammable liquids securely. Additionally, the inclusion of a 116L spill sump ensures any potential spills or leaks are contained, preventing environmental contamination and further safeguarding your workspace. The STOREMASTA® Flammable Liquid Cabinet 250L features self-closing doors, an essential safety feature that automatically shuts the doors. This mechanism ensures that the cabinet remains sealed when unattended, protecting your staff and property from harm. The STOREMASTA® Flammable Cabinet 250L set the benchmark for safety and reliability in the storage of class 3 flammable liquids. Built to Australian Standard AS1940:2017, these cabinets offer peace of mind to businesses across all industries, ensuring compliance with stringent safety regulations. With their ample capacity, spill protection, and self-closing doors, they stand as an indispensable asset in enhancing workplace safety and mitigating potential risks. Invest in the STOREMASTA® Flammable Goods Storage Cabinets today and prioritise the safety of your workplace and personnel.  

External Dimensions: 1100x500x1750

Internal Dimensions: 1018x420x1530

SAump Capacity: 64L