Forklift Bale Clamp

Our Part No: MHSRBX01

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The Power of the Forklift Bale Clamp.

Unleash operator efficiency with the Forklift Bale Clamp, built to seamlessly handle diverse baled products.

Grip un-palleted loads with confidence: waste paper, cotton, wool, textiles, or metal scrap bales, all secured by ribbed arms for superior handling.

Choose the perfect fit: a wide range of openings and arm lengths ensures compatibility with your specific needs.

Maximise operational capacity: Lightweight design minimises lost loads, while cylinder protection safeguards against damage.

Effortless maneuverability: the lateral sliding arm and side shift function enable precise positioning and stacking.

Need even more flexibility? Opt for the optional rotation function for added control.

Invest in the Forklift Bale Clamp and dominate the material movement.

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