Forklift Safety Cage

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Forklift Safety Cage

Forklift safety is not something to be taken for granted, especially when working at heights. Safe Work Australia stats show that in 2022 (19 workers) died due to a fall from height. So if you are considering how to perform tasks that involve working at heights, some research into which forklift safety cage best suits your work requirements is worthwhile. All our safety cages comply with the relevant Australian safety standards, however, there are important differences between each of the man cages we have on offer.

Understanding the Forklift Cage

Forklift safety cages, often referred to by a number of different names including “Man Cage, Forklift Cage, & a work platform”, are designed to provide a secure and stable environment for workers who need to perform tasks at elevated heights for short durations. These specialised attachments are not just about convenience but also about safety.

Key Features of a Forklift Cage

  1. Protective Screens

    : Forklift safety cages come equipped with protective screens, available in either fine mesh or bar form. These screens serve a crucial purpose in preventing accidental drops from the cage, enhancing safety for both workers and materials.
  2. Secure Access

    : Entry into the cage is facilitated by self-closing doors that open inward. This design helps to ensure that workers cannot accidentally open the door, reducing the risk of accidents during use.
  3. Surface finish:

: To maximise the lifespan of a safety cage, it is important to take into account the type of finish on its surface. Safety cages can have a zinc finish, or they can be painted or powder-coated. It’s worth noting that different finishes can handle exposure to certain chemicals better than others.

  1. Collapsible or permanently erected:

Our forklift safety cages are available in a range of types. You have a choice of welded together, bolted together or collapsible design. The collapsible one is very useful where space is at a premium. This enables you to store it in a small space when not in use. The bolted-together one is the most popular and the welded one is all Australian-made.

Are Forklift Safety Cages Safe:

Some cages have two safety harness points mounted on them for added security. This is not a must-have to be compliant with the relevant standards, however, some worksites require these for a cage to be used on-site. All the work cages we sell are fully compliant with the Australian Standards. Safety is of utmost importance, and this is why forklift safety cages are meticulously tested to meet AS2359.1. This compliance gives you peace of mind that your equipment meets the requirements in its design & construction. However, this does not guarantee that the safety cage will be used safely. An experienced and licenced forklift operator should be the only person to use one of these cages. Keeping this in mind and following all the rules for the use of a forklift and any attachments with it, one can determine that a man cage is quite safe to use.

What are the Rules for a Forklift Safety Cage

This is a link to the general guidelines for the use of a forklift and it includes information on forklift attachments like the safety cage. Click here for more information.

Prioritising safety is non-negotiable. A forklift cage or man cage offers a reliable solution for workers to perform their duties safely. No matter where you are in Australia, investing in these forklift attachments demonstrates a commitment to the well-being of your personnel. Choosing the right one to suit your workplace is just as important. Get in touch with one of our friendly staff to help work through the choices available.

  • WWL: 250kg
  • Load Centre: 600mm
  • Weight: 110-135kg
  • Fork Pocket Size: 160x65mm
  • Fork Pocket Centres: 640mm
  • Dimensions: 1200x1200x1000mm (screen 2200mm high)

Forklift Cage