Forklift Ramp

Our Part No: MHSFCR6501


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Conquer Logistics with Game-Changing Forklift Ramp: Efficiency, Safety, ROI at Your Fingertips

Forget inefficient container access and skyrocketing logistics costs. The powerhouse Forklift Ramp rewrites the rules, unleashing unprecedented efficiency, safety, and return on investment for your warehousing and logistics operations.

Built for Heavy Lifting:

With a monstrous 6.5T capacity and a commanding 1542mm length, this ramp laughs in the face of bulky cargo. Tackle heavy machinery, palletized goods, and oversized shipments with unshakeable confidence. No more struggling, just seamless loading and unloading, all the time.

Effortless Precision and Built-in Safety:

Front pick-up puts control at your fingertips, letting you position the ramp with surgical precision. And for total peace of mind, a heavy-duty safety chain tethers the ramp to the container, ensuring impenetrable stability throughout the operation.

Built to Dominate, Year After Year:

This isn’t a ramp – it’s an unstoppable workhorse. The reinforced underside shrugs off years of heavy use, while the tough enamel paint finish shields it from wear and tear. This ramp is built to last, day in and day out.

More Than Just Strength:

Boost your bottom line. By slashing loading times and minimising logistical snags, this ramp unlocks measurable productivity gains. Expect smoother workflows, happier crews, and a surge in efficiency that puts your competition to shame.

Safety that Doesn’t Compromise:

We don’t play with safety. Every design choice, from the sturdy construction to the integrated safety features, prioritises operator protection and workplace security. Rest assured, your crew is covered from every angle.

Benchmark for Excellence:

This Forklift Ramp isn’t just a tool; it’s a revolution. It sets a new industry standard for efficiency, safety, and ROI. Don’t settle for mediocrity – unlock the full potential of your logistics operations with this game-changer.

Contact us today and let our experts guide you towards transforming your cargo handling game!

Dimensions: 1540 x 2000

Working Load Limit: 6.5T

Fork Pocket Size: 160 x 60

Fork Pocket Centres: 740

Weight: 180kg

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