Forklift Slippers

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Conquer Big Loads with Tiny Additions: Using Forklift Slippers

Ever struggle with loads just a hair too long for your trusty forklift? You’re not alone! But fret no more, because the answer lies in a clever little invention called forklift slippers. These unassuming heroes slide seamlessly onto your existing tines, extending their reach and unlocking a world of lifting possibilities.

What are forklift slippers?

Think of them as mini extensions for your tines. Made from high-quality, durable steel, they securely attach with locking pins, adding precious extra length to handle those previously out-of-reach loads.

Why choose forklift slippers?

  • Extend your reach: Easily tackle long, oversized, or awkwardly shaped cargo that wouldn’t fit on your standard tines.
  • Boost efficiency: No more need for specialized forklifts or risky workarounds. Slippers save time and effort, letting you complete more tasks quicker.
  • Reduce damage: By providing additional support and stability, slippers minimize the risk of shifting and damage to your valuable cargo.
  • Enhance safety: Operate with increased confidence by lifting from a safe distance, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries.

Finding the perfect fit:

With a range of sizes and capacities available (from 2.5T to 8.0T), there’s a pair of slippers for every job. Simply select your desired size and capacity from the drop-down menu, and you’re ready to go!


  • Always operate within the rated capacity of your forklift and slippers. The lifting capacity of your forklift will be reduced while using the slippers. Consult your forklift specifications to work out the correct maximum capacity of your forklift. (normally located behind the seat of most forklifts)
  • Double-check for proper fit and secure placement before lifting.
  • Follow safe lifting practices for optimal performance and operator safety.

Ready to conquer those long loads with ease? Invest in a pair of slippers today and experience the difference! They’re a cost-effective and versatile solution that will boost your productivity, minimize damage, and keep your operations running smoothly.

Contact us to learn more and find the perfect pair of slippers for your forklift!