Forklift Tynes

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Master Any Load with Confidence: With Replacement Forklift Tynes

Built for uncompromising strength and safety, Forklift tynes elevate your material handling operations to new heights. Engineered and manufactured to comply with the strict standards of AS2359.1, these premium tynes offer unmatched reliability and performance.


  • Rock-Solid Strength: Crafted from high-tensile steel, Fork Tynes can handle even the most demanding loads with ease. Their lightweight design optimizes performance without compromising durability, ensuring a long and reliable service life.
  • Universal Compatibility: Equipped with Standard ITA hooks, these tynes seamlessly integrate with a wide range of forklifts, maximizing your existing equipment’s potential.
  • Full-Rotation Versatility: For ultimate lifting flexibility, choose Rotator Fork Arms (R). Featuring an additional load-bearing block, they maintain their full rated capacity even when completely inverted, perfect for specialized applications.
  • Rigorous Testing & Customization: Each set of Forklift Tynes undergoes random testing as per AS2359.1, clause 6.5, guaranteeing the highest level of quality and safety. Need specific dimensions? Custom sizes are available upon request, ensuring a perfect fit for any unique requirement.

Why Choose Our Forklift Tynes?

  • Safety First: Operate with complete peace of mind knowing your tynes meet the strictest industry standards.
  • Unmatched Durability: Tackle heavy loads year after year with confidence, thanks to the premium steel construction.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: Lightweight design and universal compatibility streamline your operations.
  • Total Versatility: Standard and rotator options provide unmatched flexibility for diverse lifting needs.
  • Customizable Solutions: Get the perfect fit for your unique equipment and applications.

Invest in Quality, Invest in Safety:

Upgrade your material handling game with a set of Forklift Tynes. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs and experience the difference uncompromising quality and performance can make. Remember, the right tynes are an investment in safety, efficiency, and long-term equipment health. Choose our forklift tynes and empower your team to handle any load with confidence.

Model WLL/Pair @500mm Load Centre (kg) Width (mm) Thickness (mm) Length (mm) Mounting Class Weight/Pair (mm)
FA15-107 1500 100 35 1070 Class2-407mm 82
FA25-107 2500 120 40 1070 Class2-407mm 112
FA25-120 2500 120 40 1200 Class2-407mm 123
FA25-120R 2500 120 40 1200 Class2-407mm 123
FA35-107 3500 125 50 1070 Class3-508mm 152
FA35-120 3500 125 50 1200 Class3-508mm 166
FA35-120R 3500 125 50 1200 Class3-508mm 166
FA45-107 4500 150 50 1070 Class3-508mm 179
FA45-120 4500 150 50 1200 Class3-508mm 197
F45-120R 4500 150 50 1200 Class3-508mm 197
FA60-120 6000 150 60 1200 Class4-635mm 260
FA60-120R 6000 150 60 1200 Class4-635mm 260

Forklift Tyne Specification Chart