High Lift Pallet Jack – Electric

Capacity 1000kg. Min fork height 85mm max fork height 800mm. Fork width 685mm. Fork length 1170mm. Weight 169kg.

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Conquer Your Workload with the Electric High Lift Pallet Jack: Efficiency Redefined

Ditch the backache and muscle strain. Introducing the Electric High Lift Pallet Jack, your new versatile champion in the material handling arena. This power-packed machine tackles industrial and commercial challenges with unmatched efficiency and ease.

Lift Heavier, Reach Higher, Work Smarter:

Boasting a 1000kg lift capacity, this jack effortlessly handles even the bulkiest bottomless pallets. Loading, unloading, stacking, storing – it conquers it all, leaving you free to focus on what matters most. But it’s not just about brute strength – this jack also reaches new heights, literally. With a generous 800mm lift, access those top shelves and work comfortably, eliminating strain and boosting productivity.

Electric Power Meets Peace of Mind:

This isn’t just a pallet jack; it’s a smooth-running workhorse. The electric motor delivers effortless operation and reliable performance, day after day. And for that extra layer of confidence, you get a 1-year warranty, guaranteeing protection against defects. Invest in quality, invest in peace of mind.

More Than Just Efficiency – A Return on Investment:

By slashing manual labour and maximising loading/unloading speeds, this jack becomes your ticket to higher productivity and lower operating costs. Watch your workflow streamline, your crew will work happier, and your bottom line skyrocket. It’s an investment that pays off, big time.

Ready to Upgrade Your Pallet Jack Game?

The Electric High Lift Pallet Jack is your secret weapon for conquering warehouses, factories, and any workplace where efficiency matters. Don’t settle for manual drudgery – embrace the power and convenience of this game-changer!

Contact us today to unleash the full potential of your material handling operations!

Model:                    MHS-EX-68501                             MHS-EX-54001

Min Fork Height: 85mm                                              85mm

Max Fork Height: 800mm                                          800mm

Fork Length:          1170mm                                         1170mm

Weight:                  169kg                                               169kg

Battery:                  12V/60Ah                                        12V/60Ah

Warranty:              1 Year                                               1 Year

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MHS-EX-54001 – Electric High Lift Pallet Jack