Hospital Bed Mover

Our Part No: MHS4H310BM01


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A hospital bed mover trolley is a piece of equipment designed to make it easy to move most beds with just one person. It is typically used in hospitals, nursing homes, and other healthcare facilities to move beds between rooms or for storage. The hospital bed mover is designed with removable uprights that can be taken off when not in use, allowing for flat storage and making it more convenient to transport. The trolley is also equipped with 100mm total lock swivel castors, which provide added stability and make it easy to manoeuvre the bed. The bed mover trolley is a useful tool for healthcare facilities that need to move beds frequently. It allows for easy and efficient movement of beds with one person, reducing the risk of injury to staff and making the process more efficient. Its compact and easy to store design is also a great feature that makes it more convenient to use.