Hospital Bedside Cabinet

Our Part No: MHS4H35001

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A hospital bedside cabinet is a piece of furniture typically used in hospitals and other healthcare facilities to provide storage space for a patient’s personal belongings and medical supplies. The bedside cabinet is typically placed next to the patient’s bed to provide easy access to the contents. The hospital bedside cabinet is made of laminated material, which is durable and easy to clean. It features one drawer with a lock and one cupboard with an adjustable shelf, providing ample storage space for patients’ personal belongings, such as clothing and personal hygiene items, as well as for medical supplies, such as medication and medical equipment. The optional lockable drawer and cupboard are an important feature of the cabinet as they ensure the safety and security of the patient’s belongings and medical supplies. This cabinet is an essential piece of furniture in a hospital room as it provides patients with a secure place to store their items and also it’s a great way to keep the room organised.