Hydraulic Stacker

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Tackle Heavy Lifting Like a Pro with the Versatile Hydraulic Stacker

Thanks to the powerful and adaptable Hydraulic Stacker, move materials with ease and efficiency, even in tight spaces. This manual workhorse combines robust lifting capacity with a user-friendly design, making it the perfect choice for warehouses, workshops, construction sites, and more.

Effortless Power:

  • 400kg lifting capacity: Confidently handle heavy loads, from pallets and machinery to building materials and appliances.
  • Hydraulic foot pump: Operate the stacker hands-free for maximum leverage and reduced fatigue, especially during repetitive lifting tasks.
  • 1500mm maximum lift height: Reach new heights, stack pallets and supplies easily, or easily access high shelves.

Designed for Maneuverability:

  • Four heavy-duty wheels: Navigate tight corners and uneven surfaces smoothly, thanks to the stable and agile design.
  • Compact size: Easily maneuver through narrow aisles and busy workspaces, maximizing efficiency in compact environments.

Flexibility You Need:

  • Removable platform with forks underneath: Choose between the platform for versatile material handling or the forks for direct pallet transport, adapting to your specific needs.
  • Platform size 590 x 650: Accommodate a wide range of loads with ample space and stability.
  • Durable steel construction: Built to withstand rigorous use and demanding environments, ensuring long-lasting performance.

More Than Just Muscle:

  • User-friendly controls: Intuitive design makes operation simple and efficient, even for first-time users.
  • 1-year warranty: Enjoy peace of mind knowing your investment is protected with a reliable warranty.

Invest in Versatility and Power:

The Hydraulic Stacker is the ideal solution for those seeking a robust, flexible, and user-friendly manual lifting solution. With its impressive capacity, easy maneuverability, and removable platform, it seamlessly adapts to various tasks and environments. Upgrade your material handling game and order your Hydraulic Stacker today!

Platform Size: 590 x 650

Min Lift Height: 200mm

Max Lift Height: 1500mm

Capacity: 400kg

Weight: 85kg

Warranty: 12 months

Hydraulic Stacker