Jib Crane

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Conquer Tight Spaces and Heavy Loads with a Tailored Jib Crane Solution

Need to maximise lifting efficiency in confined areas without sacrificing safety or precision? Look no further than the customizable power of a top-braced freestanding jib crane!

Unmatched Adaptability for Unique Needs:

Unlike traditional overhead cranes, jib cranes excel in environments with limited headroom or obstructions. Our top-braced freestanding design utilises a sturdy steel post anchored to the floor, supporting the jib arm (boom) for unparalleled range and flexibility.

Built to Last, Engineered for You:

  • Steel and Aluminium Boom Options: Choose the perfect material for your application, with the durability and resilience of steel or the lightweight agility of aluminium.
  • Australian Standards Compliance: Every component is manufactured to meet the rigorous AS 1418.1 standards, guaranteeing exceptional safety and performance.
  • Customizable to your Site: Tell us about your unique needs and space constraints – our team will engineer a jib crane tailored to your specific requirements.

Ideal Solution for:

  • Warehouses and production facilities
  • Machine tool workshops and maintenance bays
  • Chemical and pharmaceutical plants
  • Any setting requiring precise lifting within a limited footprint

Beyond Technical:

Sure, jib cranes boast impressive strength and adaptability, but at Materials Handling Solutions we understand every work environment is different. That’s why we go beyond technical specifications. We take the time to:

  • Consult with you to understand your lifting needs and challenges.
  • Analyze your workspace to recommend the optimal jib crane configuration.
  • Provide expert installation and ongoing maintenance for worry-free operations.

Don’t let space limitations compromise your lifting game. Let us create the perfect jib crane solution for your unique needs. Contact us today for a free consultation!