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Australian-Made: 18 Outlet Battery Charging Cabinet

Lithium-ion batteries are used everywhere in today’s world, powering everything from laptops and phones to power tools and industrial equipment. While offering undeniable convenience and efficiency, these batteries require specific handling and storage protocols to ensure safety. Improperly stored or charged lithium batteries pose a potential fire risk. We are proud to offer the innovative 18 Outlet Battery Charging Cabinet, designed specifically to address safety concerns associated with lithium batteries in the workplace. This cabinet provides a cool, dry, and secure environment for storing and charging your batteries, promoting operational efficiency alongside enhanced safety.

Features of the Battery Charging Cabinet:

  • Superior Fire Protection: Constructed with double-walled sheet steel and a 40mm thermal air barrier, the cabinet effectively contains any potential fire within the unit, minimising external damage.
  • Active Temperature Control: A 150mm fan actively expels heat generated during charging, preventing batteries from overheating – a significant factor in mitigating fire risk.
  • Leak Containment: A built-in, liquid-tight spill containment sump captures any leaks that may occur, preventing hazardous materials from spreading.
  • Safe and Secure Storage: The patented Safe-T-Close® automatic sequential door closing system ensures doors close smoothly and completely, promoting safety and convenience. Additionally, lockable compartments deter unauthorised access.
  • High Charging Capacity: With 18 outlets, the cabinet accommodates a significant number of batteries for efficient charging.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Manufactured to comply with the Australian Standard AS/NZS 4681 for Class 9 dangerous goods (including lithium-ion batteries) and AS1940 for fire protection, the cabinet offers peace of mind regarding regulatory adherence.

Safety and Streamline Operations:

The 18 Outlet Battery Charging Cabinet is a smart investment for any business that relies on lithium batteries. This cabinet not only enhances safety in your workplace but also promotes operational efficiency through organised storage and high-capacity charging.

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External H 1750 W 1100 D 500
Internal H 1503 W 1018 D 450

500266 – Battery Charging Cabinet 18 outlet