Lithium Battery Transport

Our Part No: MHSTCCL00501

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Ensuring Safe Lithium Battery Transport on the Road

The transportation of lithium batteries by road requires careful consideration due to the potential chemical hazards they pose. Lithium Battery Transport Units offer a secure and compliant solution for this specific need. These Australian-made units are designed to mitigate fire risk during transport, especially for situations involving charged batteries. Lithium Battery Transport Units prioritise safety through a series of features:
  • 15mm Fireproof Internal Lining: This lining provides a vital first line of defence in case of a battery fire.
  • Firepro Automatic Fire Suppression System with Aerosol Extinguishing Agent: This system automatically deploys a fire suppressant to extinguish flames within the unit.
  • Visual and Auditory Alarm: Alerts personnel to a potential fire event.
  • Pressure Relief Vent: Allows for the safe release of pressure buildup in case of fire.
The unit’s robust construction further enhances safety. Manufactured from heavy duty 3mm steel, it boasts forklift and crane lifting capabilities. Tie-down points ensure secure transport within most utes. For comprehensive battery storage and transportation solutions, contact us today. They can help you select the most suitable unit for your specific needs


External H 650 W 870 D 520
Internal H 484 W 725 D 484

TCCL00501 – Lithium Battery Transport Box