Load Roller

Our Part No: MHSLSR00301

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The 20.0T load roller kit is designed to make moving large pieces of equipment over short distances an easy task. The load skates are capable of handling items with a maximum weight of 20.0T, making them suitable for a wide range of heavy equipment and machinery. The load roller kit includes a steering and draw bar, which allows for precise control and manoeuvrability during movement. This makes it possible to move the equipment in a straight line or make turns, as needed, with minimal effort. The kit also includes a storage box, which provides a convenient and organised way to keep everything together when not in use. The box protects the load skates and other components from damage and makes it easy to transport the kit to different job sites. Overall, the 20.0T load roller kit is a cost-effective and efficient solution for moving large pieces of equipment over short distances. The high load capacity, combined with the included steering and draw bar, make it an ideal solution for many material handling needs.

SWL: 20.0T