Machine Moving Roller Skate

Our Part No: MHSLSR01201

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The steerable machine moving roller skate is a type of material handling equipment designed to move heavy items over short distances. It is equipped with a turntable, which allows for easy manoeuvring and precise control during movement. This makes it possible to move the item in any direction, even in tight spaces or around corners, with minimal effort. The steerable machine moving roller skate has a safe working load of 2.0T, meaning it can safely handle items weighing up to 2.0T. This makes it suitable for a wide range of heavy items, including machinery, equipment, and other large items that need to be moved. Overall, the steerable roller skate is a practical and efficient solution for moving heavy items over short distances. Its turntable design and high load capacity make it an ideal solution for many material handling needs, providing a safe and easy way to reposition heavy items.

  • SWL 2.0T
  • Plate diameter 150mm
  • Height 110mm
  • Overall dimensions 621 x 450 x 110