Mesh Cage

Our Part No: MHSMH012101

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Conquer the Chaos

Has inventory clutter got you wrestling for space? Say hello to the collapsible mesh storage cage, your new champion in the fight for logistical control. This versatile warrior isn’t just your average metal box; it’s ready to revolutionise your warehouse and transport operations.

Strength and Stability:

Forget flimsy storage solutions. The mesh cage rocks a massive 1,000kg load capacity when fully enclosed. Even with the gate open, it holds a respectable 500kg, making it adaptable for various load sizes. And to top it off, you can stack these bad boys three high when loaded, maximising your footprint like a storage Tetris master. Even with the gate open, they stack neatly two high, ensuring every inch of your warehouse floor gets put to work.

Protection for your Mesh Cage:

Think of this cage as the Iron Man of storage. Its electro-galvanized finish acts as impenetrable armour, shielding it from rain, shine, and the occasional enthusiastic forklift bump. Plus, its precise dimensions (1150 x 1150 x 890mm) fit perfectly into existing pallet racking systems, letting you integrate them seamlessly into your current setup.

Cage Assembly & Dissambly:

Its tool-free assembly & disassembly lets you fold it down for compact storage or effortless transport in mere seconds. No more wrestling with clunky cages or wasting precious space. This flexibility is like having a chameleon for your warehouse, adapting to your needs on the fly.

Benefits Beyond the Numbers:

  • Improved Inventory Management: Easy access and clear visibility of contents make stock checks a breeze.
  • Enhanced Safety: Sturdy construction and secure gate closure minimise workplace accidents.
  • Flexibility: Fits into existing pallet racking or can be stacked freestanding.
  • Reduced Costs: Optimise space, lower transport costs, and boost overall warehouse efficiency.
  • Environmental Friendliness: Durable and reusable, these cages minimise waste and promote sustainability.

So, take control of your warehouse and claim victory over the clutter. A collapsible mesh storage cage is your weapon of choice. Contact us today and let’s build a more organised, efficient future together!

Dimensions: 1150 x 1150 x 890

SWL: 1000kg or 500kg with gate open.


MH012101 – Mesh Cage