Our Part No: PalRing

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The robust and cost-effective PalRing turntable is engineered to handle heavy loads of up to two tonnes without binding or tightening. This user-friendly device ensures seamless operation and is designed to withstand demanding work environments. With its galvanised construction, it guarantees longevity and durability, making it an excellent long-term investment. The turntable is available in two convenient diameter options: 900 mm and 1100 mm. With a height of only 60 mm, it offers a low-profile design that facilitates easy loading and unloading by forklift. The turntable enables smooth corner access, allowing for the efficient placement or retrieval of drums from pallets. Whether you need to handle heavy loads or streamline pallet handling tasks, this turntable is a versatile solution that meets your requirements. Its sturdy construction, combined with its user-friendly design, ensures hassle-free operation and enhances overall productivity. Choose this reliable turntable to optimise your material handling processes and experience its durability and convenience firsthand.