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The PalletPal Leveller Leveller is a cutting-edge solution revolutionising the manual loading and unloading of pallets. This innovative device significantly enhances efficiency by bringing the load’s height and position closer to the worker, resulting in up to a 40% reduction in loading and unloading time and a substantial increase in overall productivity. The PalletPal Leveller is an invaluable asset for any operation that involves the use of pallets for transportation. It not only mitigates worker fatigue but also enhances safety by eliminating potential hazards that could lead to back injuries or damage to delicate products. Versatile applications span various industries, including manufacturing, processing, and distribution. With a capacity of 2040kg, the EZ Pallet Loader features a lowered height of 265mm and a raised height of 775mm. It arrives fully assembled, constructed with heavy-duty structural steel for utmost durability. The device incorporates a rotating ring on top, minimising the need for workers to walk or stretch during the loading process. With its powder-coated finish, the EZ Pallet Loader guarantees longevity, while its self-raising and lowering function expertly adjusts to the load’s weight without necessitating shock absorbers. Thanks to its self-dampening mechanism, the device ensures a smooth and secure operation. By consistently lifting the load to the optimal level, it eliminates the need for workers to strain, bend, or stretch. The EZ Adjust knob offers three convenient positions for effortless adjustment of the collapsed capacity, all without requiring changes to the air pressure. With its unrivalled features, the EZ Pallet Pal Loader & Positioner is an indispensable tool for any business engaged in manual pallet loading and unloading.

Lowered Height: 265mm

Raised Height: 775mm

SWL: 2040kg