Reefer Ramp

Our Part No: MHSCRN8RE01

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Conquer the Cold: Effortless Reefer Access with the Reefer Ramp Extension

Refrigerated containers present a unique challenge for forklift access. The temperature-controlled environment means traditional ramps won’t cut it. That’s where the Reefer Ramp Extension comes in, your gateway to hassle-free loading and unloading.

Seamless Reefer Access:

Designed to seamlessly pair with the MHSCRN801 Forklift Container Ramp, the extension ramp bridges the gap between ground level and your refrigerated container’s floor. This eliminates the need for manual lifting or cumbersome manoeuvring, saving you time, effort, and backaches.

Built for Safety and Strength:

Your safety is our priority. Features sturdy safety chains that securely anchor it to the container while in use. This ensures stability and peace of mind even when handling heavy loads.

Durable Design for Long-Lasting Performance:

It isn’t just convenient, it’s built to last. A reinforced underside combats steel fatigue, while the enamel paint finish protects against corrosion, wear and tear. This ramp extension is an investment that will keep your operations running smoothly for years to come.

Effortless Slope:

Fork pockets make positioning the ramp extension a breeze. Simply slide it onto your forklift and raise it into place. No more struggling with awkward angles or bulky equipment.


  • Effortless access to refrigerated containers
  • Works seamlessly with the CRN8 Forklift Container Ramp
  • Safety chains for secure connection
  • Reinforced underside for lasting durability
  • Fork pockets for easy placement
  • Enamel paint finish for weather resistance

Invest in a Reefer Ramp and experience the convenience of effortless refrigerated container access. Contact us today and conquer the cold with confidence!